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DCC Meeting November 9, 2011

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Anti  Malware Project Presentation

Given by Pia O’Reilly and Lea Snyder

Key Dates:  SCCM Push starting 11/29/11 for Forefront (FEP) -Select Departments

On Software Downloads: 12/01/11- Also Morning Mail announcement same date.

Auto install of all managed departments by early December, un-managed departments at a later date in December.

Completion date of 12/29/11

April  3rd– End of life for SAV ( Symantec Anti  Virus)

Macintosh Anti Virus Client to be started around January –February 2012

To see the presentation click here.

Ed Casey from Instructional Technology gave a presentation on Canvas

Right now only in limited release ( Med School only)

Training is available- this link is not public and really only for DCC’s interested in learning about Canvas right now.    Check that out here.

Ed would love to have DCC’s attend the training.

Canvas will eventually replace MyCourses .


Chris Grossi gave updates on where we are with the Dell contract. Just signed!! He will be putting up the information in Google docs to share with all DCC’s. The basics are that we can now buy Dell computers through the bookstore in addition to going thru the Dell Premier site.  The bookstore will keep a small number of Dell’s on hand for emergencies.  Good news! Take a peek at the google doc when it is up for the particulars.  Also in the news.. the Novell Print Queue  is now gone as of 10/31/11!  Maple versions 14 and earlier are going away so you will need to get your users upgraded to the newer version (15).  There is also no AMP program at this time for Macintosh OS X 10.7 (Lion) . You will have to download it from the App store for 29.99.

An audio version of the meeting can be heard here.

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