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7-12-17 Meeting Notes

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Jeanne Spinosa

  • Phone training available for the new Cisco phone system

Chris Grossi

  • Mathematica – Late for renewal, but continuing work on licensing. Currently in the grace period, but expect renewal by Friday.
  • Dell continues to be issues for the University
    • Still working with Jason to get things fixed
    • Pro Support Plus is included, but requires a custom quote
    • Property of Brown University label not always being applied, attempting to rectify
  • Desktop Management Working Group –
    • Drive Mapping Conversation this Friday
      • H: (home)
      • S: (shared – DFS)
      • Q: (classes)
    • Making progress with PXE boot. The following Tuesday DMWG meeting should have a demo.
    • Encryption – Working on key retrieval updates
      • Machines coming out of OSD are ready for encryption
    • RemoteApps – On track to offer to to everyone for the fall
    • Project landing for Papercut and RICOH at South Street Landing with possibility of expansion

Mike Connetta

  • Cannon fleet transition – from Graphic Services to CIS
    • Billing will be changing, details still being worked out
    • NECS is still the acting company for service
    • Price will not be changing
    • CIS will be providing Canon printer/copier recommendations
    • [email protected]

Ron Dunleavy

  • Tech Updates
    • Zoom web conferencing – coming down the pike (instead of WebEx)
      • More stable and easier to use
    • Personalized classroom experience
      • Occupancy sensor in rooms and auto detect for projectors and screens.
      • Room will automatically shut down without signal detection after a certain period of time
      • Tweaking GUI for touch panels to simplify the experience
        • 85 Waterman 015 (check room schedule in 25Live and test during open block)
        • Also upgraded 2 BioMed rooms
          • Laser Projector
            • Instant on and off
            • 20,000 hour lifespan (vs. 2000 hours for lamp)
            • Quiet
    • Panopto/lecture capture added to some event spaces
    • Lost 19 classrooms from Wilson Hall
      • New swing spaces are being provided with repurposed equipment
    • Services that Media Services offers
      • A/V Consultations
        • Quotes to installation
      • Event Planning
        • 10 day minimum requested
        • Flat labor rate of $85/hour of technician
        • Free technician setup provided
      • Production
        • Flat rate for video recording
      • Ambient Sound and Shanix are preferred vendors
        • Local with quick response

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