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DCC Meeting Notes – OCT 11 2017

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DCC Meeting Notes – OCT 11 2017


Mike Gallino – National Cyber Security Month


Link to Presentation

If users from your departments enroll in Google two-step for Brown email, they will be entered into a contest for a Google Home assistant.

There are weekly quizzes that if aced will enter you into a drawing for an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet.


Don Rogers – ENDPOINT and ITSC News


Endpoint News

Keyserver Apps still in production – keyserver apps will all stop launching soon. DCC’s should be updating these apps to current versions, but more communication will be sent out before shutting these applications down for good.

Cloudpath – Windows 10 / Cloudpath has had some issues. If you are on windows 10 cloudpath will not work – however, this is being worked on by both us and the vendor and should be resolved shortly. In the meantime, you can use the built-in manual wifi connection on cloudpath’s documentation. If this still doesn’t work please contact the service center for the workaround. Highly managed machines bound to AD will connect to wifi automatically and are unaffected.

Highly managed windows updates are being worked on – there is a forced update Friday morning where windows updates are automatically applied. There is now a 24-hour wait on Friday morning instead of a 3.5-hour wait.




Zoom – There are quality & connection issues with the new campus teleconferencing service. Everyone is currently working towards a solution at this time. Please continue to report zoom issues to [email protected] or use the google sheet to log your issues.

Zoom Meeting Issue Reporting

Service and Repair – Techs are having a harder time sourcing parts directly from apple and dell. Parts are shipping later than they used to, however, equipment is breaking less and less. Please keep department’s expectations in check and offer realistic timeframes when sending equipment to S&R.

Warranties – The brown warranty is 1 year past the warranty that you buy with your machine. If you bring the computer to S&R within 4 years they will cover and repair the computer. As a reminder, if a Dell computer is purchased as a “Standard Issue machine” you will receive a 3-year accidental warranty as part of the brown standard package.

Surplus – In the past when computers were surplussed the drives were sanitized but this may no longer be the case. It is currently being advised that you sterilize the drive yourself either by using the drive crusher at CIT or by using DBAN if the drive is still operational. Don will be providing more information on this in the near future. 

Deskpro – Soon all DCC’s will be allowed to be a Deskpro agent. Please reach out to the service center if interested.

Ricoh – Canons are still being serviced by NECS. The phone number is still the same, Mark is still going to be the brown NECS tech.


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October 11th, 2017 at 2:48 pm

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