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DCC Meeting Notes – December 2017

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DCC MEETING NOTES – 12/13/2017


  • There are still some issues with the surplus process. We are still trying to validate that drives are being sanitized after being sent out – in the meantime please try and sanitize or crush drives yourself.
  • New Project – Backing up computers to Isolon. If your department is interested please contact don rogers.
  • Zoom is back at full service with no communication issues. If there are issues please email [email protected]
    • Zoom rooms are coming close to becoming a packaged service. Keep an eye out for this in the new year.
  • Web services are going to be pushing web upgrades to departments over the next few years. If you are planning on updating or creating any web content for your departments please contact the communications group to get this started.



  • Welcome David Boyd to the endpoint engineering group.
  • EE has been getting Brown up to date by updating the dev/prod JAMF servers. They are expanding support for High Sierra and iOS 11.
  • Starting in January 2018 MacOS and iOS devices purchased through the brown bookstore will be DEP’d and will land in the pre-enrollment stage in JSS.
  • Windows patching bug has been squashed and machines should now be patching consistently. December patches have just been released and are being rolled out shortly.
  • Endpoint is working on the functionality of rolling out BIOS changes and updates for Dell Optiplex and Latitude machines. TPM changes/wake on LAN are features that can be configured and pushed remotely.
  • Dell has fixed the Dell asset tag issues and future orders should have asset tags. If you are still missing tags please contact Chris Grossi and he will make sure you receive tags from previous orders.




  • Replaces current data classification model
    • Policies are all being updated on Browns Webpage to reflect all of the changes being made. You may want to check your links to these policies if you use these in your departments.
    • it.brown.edu/risk-classifications


  • Working with IT Audit and OGC
  • Initial focus
    • High-risk data (e.g. Banner and Workday)
    • Centralized services
  • Long-term process
  • Will eventually include departments

ISIRT – Information Security Incident Response Team

  • Formed in the fall of 2016 – Consists of key IT staff representing 15 areas in CIS
    • brown.edu/go/isirt
  • Newest ISG member:  Phirum Peang

For more information please see Mark’s full presentation






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