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Who is this Blog For?

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In almost every department and center at Brown, we have a lot of clever people who are using and extending all kinds of technology to support our teaching, research, and administrative needs, and not all of them are IT or technical staff! Unfortunately, sometimes we keep our best ideas to ourselves – not because we don’t want to share, but because there has been no place to share.

We’ve launched this blog as a community resource where anyone at Brown can learn about a wide range of technology topics and how they can make our working lives easier. This is not a production of CIS – instead it’s a collaboration of many different people across Brown, including many DCCs and Systems Administrators from academic and administrative departments and research centers, as well as a handful of key CIS staff.
We hope that the topics we’ll cover will be of interest to many people at Brown, including:

  • Curious non-technical staff, faculty, and students who want to learn more about how to maximize their time at a computer – No expertise is required!
  • Early adopters, geeks, power-users, and hackers
  • IT support staff such as web publishers, DCCs, and SysAdmins

We expect to cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Interesting technology services offered at Brown or on the Internet and how to use them
  • Cool and useful utilities and techniques to save you time and effort
  • Explaining computer jargon and concepts for the non-technical
  • New developments in hardware and software that may help your work
  • Interviews with technogurus at Brown about their job and their field
  • Demystifying complicated processes, such as the whole story of managing electronic surplus
  • Meeting notes from DCC meetings, and possibly SysAdmins, MacForum, and others
  • Tips to keep your computer running smoothly and fix it when it doesn’t

Some of our blog entries may be outside your interests, but we hope that some of them will capture your imagination, keep you informed and knowledgeable, and inspire you to try new tools, techniques, hardware, software, and services to improve your experience and your work here at Brown.

Written by Don Rogers

December 13th, 2010 at 3:14 pm

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