Introducing: The Interactive Dissertation!

Hi friends! Welcome to The Interactive Dissertation, my multi-platform attempt to keep interested parties involved in the travel and writing I’m doing for my PhD over the next two years.

I’ll post an issue of this newsletter here every few weeks with updates. Each issue will be public, and back issues will be archived here so that late subscribers can catch up.

You can also keep up with me more regularly on Twitter and Instagram (and Facebook, if we know each other in person). On social media I’m using the hashtags #TheInteractiveDissertation, #AdventuresinFieldwork, and #IndianaJen.

The one thing I’d really like from you all is some back-and-forth: send me your questions, comments, suggestions, and reactions to newsletter and social media posts, and I will engage with them in return. I’m looking to make this experience as interactive as possible — if you find my posts and my work interesting and engaging, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the dissertating process far more than I would on my own.

Stay tuned for the first issue of The Interactive Dissertation!


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