Issue 4: Egypt, Part II – Aswan and the First Cataract

Hello, friends and readers who may someday be friends! It’s been a while, I know: since I last posted, I’ve been writing dissertation chapters (two chapters!), doin’ a little public speaking, and traversing Sudan for more fieldwork. Virtually no internet here but I wanted to make sure I got this awesome pic of the Gebel Barkal, complete with the remaining columns from one of its rock-cut temples, out into the world! We are capturing some photos and videos with the drone at Gebel Barkal in order to investigate the curious inscription of the Nubian pharaoh Taharqa, which is waaaaay up […]

Issue 3: Egypt, Part I – The Amarna Boundary Stelae

Well hello there, archaeo-enthusiasts! It’s been a while, and I blame that mostly on travel (and a little bit on writing my theory chapter, which I finished last week). Over the next few months I’ll be releasing a series of issues on my trips to Egypt, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia this winter and spring. I spent a total of four months away from home, visiting more than a dozen sites—that means lots of ground to cover to recap it all! Between issues, as always, the best way to keep up with me is to follow me on Instagram. Please also feel […]