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Chief Resident Editor and Blog Master: Dr. Thomas Ross

Chief Faculty Editor: Dr. Gita Pensa

Resident Section Editors:

Brown Sound: Dr. Mike Hunihan
52 Articles: Dr. Anatoly Kazakin
Clinical Image of the Week (CITW): Dr. Thomas Ross
Pediatrics: Dr. Robyn Wing
Procedural: Dr. Jon Ameli and Dr. Jay Diamond
Orthopedics: Rotating
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Critical Care: Dr. Naomi George
Grand Round Recaps: Dr. Chana Rich
Perusing the Literature: Dr. Adam Janicki
Miscellaneous: Dr. Jordan Wolfe and Dr. Edward Ruhland

Faculty Section Editors:

Brown Sound: Dr. Otto Liebmann and Dr. Erica Constantine
52 Articles: Dr. Matthew Siket
Clinical Image: Dr. Gita Pensa and Dr. McGregor
Ortho: Dr. Jeffery Feden
Toxicology: Dr. Jason Hack
Pharm: Dr. Natalija Farrell, PharmD
Grand Round Recaps: Dr. Robert Tubbs
Perusing the Literature: Rotating
Miscellaneous: Dr. Gita Pensa

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