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Public Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is for educational puposes only and is intended for medical students and professionals studying the practice of emergency medicine. It is not intended to advocate specific medical practices or replace the opinion of your physician. All opinions are our own and do not imply endorsement by any affiliated hospitals or medical school. Any patient references have been removed or intentionally altered to make identification impossible.

Welcome to the home of the Brown EM Blog. Our mission: to create high-quality, up-to-date, open access emergency medicine educational content for our residency and the world beyond.

In this space we hope to enable Brown EM residents and faculty to publish educational posts, discussion questions, journal reviews, procedural videos and images, or general musings to share amongst our program and beyond. This will also eventually serve as a repository for Resident Conference/Grand Rounds topics and Slideshares/Video lectures (for those willing to share them. Please share them!)

Want to draw our attention to a recent publication? Do a book review? Teach us a trick of the trade? Share some knowledge from a cool elective or a conference? Discuss and interesting clinical case or finding? This is the forum!

Comment on your colleagues’ posts, or respond to others’ comments. Question, teach and share. Tag and categorize your posts for easy searching later. SUBSCRIBE to this blog so you know when new posts are up and you can check them out.

Together, we can build a great, up-to-date, #FOAMed-friendly repository of knowledge that we can share with each other and draw from as time goes by.

Looking for some medical humanities? Check out Littoral Medicine (in the header section), “a space that captures emergency medicine’s stories, its complex voices and issues, for the purpose of deepening understanding, encouraging dialogue, and improving the care of the communities we serve”.


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