Observation of a place #3

We are well into spring and my place of observation is not as enjoyable as I had hoped. I conducted my observation in the morning on April 23rd following some rain showers. I was unable to sit on the usual bench as it was soaking wet, which really put a damper on my enjoyment and reflection. Because I had to stand, I did not stay as long, as my legs were getting tired.

I expected the weather in late April to be sunny and humid, with most of my days spent with my friends laying out on Pembroke field soaking up the UV rays. These April showers have been a really disappointing turn of events for my senior spring. However, on the bright side, the extra rain has been great for the foliage and the grass. I noticed that the grass was greener than ever, with the number of brown patches reduced to almost none. In addition, the bushes were covered in green leaves, compared to a month ago when there were brown and tan leaves sprinkled in among the green. The bushes also seemed to be better upkept as the sign was no longer covered in foliage.

If only we were conducting another observation, I believe if I came back in a week or so, I would be completely captivated by the area and would be able to reflect better than ever. I would feel more comfortable and thus be able to relax and let my mind be free.

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