10:16 AM, Hope Street

Everything is blinding. Cars shoot spotlightsinto my eyes; the concrete become marbleshines; zebra stripes. Horizontal pearls. This is a retouched, opalescent world.Perhaps artificial. The greens are too greenand the sky is too blue; it hurts; I wish I werebetter equipped than eyes; more open. The lines are sharp and in focus; thesecrisp tree branches were…

Nature Lab Crabs

 These are diagonal hands. Hands? claws. Claw is the word we use for these hands. Claw for hand. Hold. That is what hands do. Claws scratch. Tear. Spikes on claws, not hands. Diagonal lines. lines can be straight and diagonal. Diagonal depends on the angle but straight does not. Claw outlines are not straight….

1:47 PM, Hope Street

All my photos are taken the same distance from the ground, which is specific to my height and humans’ height in general. Walking forces slow writing. So does frost chilled hands. All so brown. Clouds. Dull Sunlight. The sky is white and grey and mottled. This makes me wonder if the standard isn’t actually blue….

Observation #1: 4:37 PM, Hope Street

there are moments that are pulled into nonexistence as they come to be, non-moments, the space between nodes of awareness. the street is painted with marks of time, water frozen and melting, stains like grease on cloth, piles of snow with brown edges, as if they decay before melting, melting is rebirth. death is an…

Birds in a Bush

  Ethology Conditions: 4 degrees Celsius, heavy snow previous day as well as rain, wet, crunchy snow cover over ground about 2 inches, slightly cloudy but sunny Location: Two instances of occurence of specimen, both times located in thick brush or tangle of branches, difficult to see specimen initially, but loud chirping alerted of its…