Welcome to the Brown University Advanced Fluid Mechanics (ENGN1860) R&D Studio webpage. Here, you can learn about the exciting undergraduate projects our students have worked on the whole semester! The researchers undertaking these design projects are Brown University undergraduate mechanical engineers. This work is supported by the course ENGN 1860: Advanced Fluid Mechanics, taught by Professor Dan Harris and Kristy Schlueter-Kuck.

Detailed instructions to recreate any of the student projects are available on Instructables.

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This course module was made possible and developed with the support of the Sheridan Center and HMMI as part of the CURE initiative across campus.

“Students who participate in CUREs (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience) experience gains in research skill, self-efficacy, scientific identity, and ability to persist in science that are comparable to the gains made by students who participate in traditional research experiences (Brownell et al, 2015Brownell SE, Hekmat-Scafe DS, Singla V, Chandler Seawell P, Conklin Imam JF, Eddy SL, Stearns T, Cyert MS. 2015.Corwin, Graham & Dolan, 2015Flaherty, Walker, Forrester & Ben‐David, 2017). In addition, CURE courses make research experiences more inclusive (Bangera, Brownell & Hatfull, 2014) and more accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.”