This historical omission also appears in the geographical erasure of Narragansett territories from the maps of Rhode Island. Three seventeenth-century maps of the territory surrounding Providence indicate Narragansett territory near Plymouth colony and Providence:

“A Map of ye English empire in ye continent of America viz Virginia, Maryland, Carolina, New York, New Iarsey, New England, Pennsilvania” by Richard Daniel and Walter Binneman. London: Sold by R. Morden at ye Atlas in Cornhill near ye royal Exchange, 1685. From the John Carter Brown Library.

“A Map of New England New Yorke New Iersey Mary-Land & Virgina” by Gregory King. London: Sould by Robert Morden at ye Atlas…and by William Berry at ye Globe, 1676. From the John Carter Brown Library.

“A Map of New-England, Being the first that ever was here cut…” William Hubbard, 1677. London: Tho Parkhurst. From the John Carter Brown Library


These seventeenth-century maps show Narragansett territory just south of Pawtucket River. Two mention an “Indian fort” or “Swampfort,” suggesting that this area may have been politically or militaristically significant territory to either Narragansetts or colonists at the time.

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