This controversial poster was hung around Brown’s campus to promote Ray Kelly’s lecture.

PROACTIVE POLICING: Promoters of the Ray Kelly lecture displayed this poster around campus. The poster proved to spark controversy and ignite protesters.

Protestors argued that promotional materials, such as this poster, failed to mention the highly disputed Stop and Frisk policy and instead celebrated a “sanitized” version of Kelly’s policing strategies.[1]  Stop and Frisk is infamous for its perpetuation of racial profiling  techniques in minority communities. Reports note that 532,911 New Yorkers were stopped by police in 2012. Out of that number, 284,229 (55 percent) were Black, 165,140 (32 percent) were Latino, and 50,366 (10 percent) were white.[2]

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[1] Committee on the Events of October 29, 2013, Report of the Committee on the Events of October 29, 2013, February 2014, 3.

[2] New York Police Department reports as presented by the New York Civil Liberties Union.