Committee on the Events of October 29, 2013.
Report of the Committee on the Events of October 29, 2013. February 2014.

New York Civil Liberties Union. New York, NY.

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Further Reading:

This source provides an in-depth look into the history of Stop and Frisk, the policing strategy that protestors felt was excluded from promotional materials for Ray Kelly’s lecture:

Naspretto, Ernie. “The real history of stop-and-frisk.” NY Daily News. New York. June 3, 2012. <>

This video captures the protest from two important angles: the rally that took place outside of the lecture’s site and the protests that happened inside of the site during the lecture. Those interested on a more thorough account of what happened, and some of the aftermath, can watch this video:

Kassie, Emily. “Kelly Protest from Inside.” Brown Political Review. Providence, Rhode Island. October 30, 2013.<>

This article explains the Trayvon Martin shooting in great detail. Although not stated, it is implied that George Zimmerman racially profiled Martin during his pursuit:

Weinstein, Adam. “The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained.”  Mother Jones. San Francsico, California. March 18, 2012.<>

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