Admissions Politics

What is the positionality of Asian Americans in race relations and admissions politics?  How does this impact the greater landscape of affirmative action?

Check out the following articles:

“Asian Americans and the Legacy of Antiblackness” by Olivia Mayeda

“In the Shadow of Whiteness: Asian Americans’ Racial Positionality” by Takami Nishimoto

“Disparities Amongst East Asians on the Topic of Affirmative Action” by Solana Huang

“Aiming for Perfection: Asian American Parents and Affirmative Action” by Brian Tung

“The GOP, Asian Americans & Affirmative Action” by Yong Hui Chin

On The Basis Of: The impossible fight for affirmative action and the inherent irony in the rise of the Asian American right” by Jingwen Zhuang

And an 11th grade U.S. History class unit plan by Maryori Conde