Asian Americans and the Legacy of Antiblackness

Can racial minorities be racist against other racial minorities? While this sensationalized question more often than not boils down to a semantic debate, the more useful inquiry is whether or not racial minorities can perpetuate and benefit off of the racist power structures that oppress other racial minorities. The answer here is a unequivocal yes. Asian Americans contribute to anti-blackness by participating in colorism, the appropriation of black culture, and the reproduction of anti-black institutions. The Students for Fair Admissions’ case against Affirmative Action in Harvard undergraduate admissions is an extension of a broader legacy of Asian Americans leveraging anti-blackness. This article seeks to understand the complex interactions between racialized Asian and black Americans with each other and with the larger white American Christendom. How have Asian Americans profited off of antiblackness, and how is that same mechanism present in the efforts of the SFA?

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