Asian Americans and the Racial State unit plan

As a graduate student in a 5th-Year Masters in Teaching for Social Studies program, I took a class titled “Asian Americans and the Racial State: Exclusion and Incarceration.” In order to merge what I learned in this class and practice the teaching methods taught in my education methods class, I decided to write a unit plan catered for an 11th grade US History class with the material learned from this class. I designed this unit to span a month and a half in order to make sure students are able to understand, learn and apply their knowledge of this history. While creating this unit plan, I have had to think through my positionality as a non-Asian and how to respect and honor this history while teaching it. The material gathered and reviewed in order to produce this unit plan was received from Asian American authors, educators, and students noted below. I encourage those who read this unit plan and would like to implement any part of it to think about their own preconceived notions on this history and community, contend with them, and really analyze their positionality within this history. It is essential to think through what it means to teach Asian American history  in a manner that is historically empathetic, justice-based, and ultimately, teach it in a way that venerates Asian/Asian American activists, students, communities, and families.

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