Disparities Amongst East Asians on the Topic of Affirmative Action

Eastern Asian American political activism is a topic that has been rarely discussed, and, if discussed, is mostly focused on representation. An under-discussed aspect of Asian politicization, however, is the emergence of the Asian American right and the political power these conservative Asian groups carry.

One of the longer term instances of large scale Asian American political mobilization in recent history has been the movement against affirmative action. This mobilization is not homogenous, however. A unique facet of this Asian American politicism is the generational gap in attitudes towards the subject. First generation East Asian immigrants tend to take a hard line on affirmative action policies, while their children tend towards pro-affirmative action stances. Anti-affirmative action sentiment in East Asian immigrants fundamentally stems from a cultural disconnect that is worsened by the homogenization and alienation of Asians in US society.

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