#DefendingDiversity: Organizers Share Their Stories

Who are the people behind the movement to #DefendDiversity?  A greater host of organizations than you would imagine.  A group of 25 Harvard student and alumni groups—one including the alumni-group Coalition for a Diverse Harvard—filed an amicus brief with the (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) NAAPC’s Legal Defense Fund in the SFFA v. Harvard case.  In order to do document and peel back the layers on how the rallying force behind groups of students, alumni, advocacy groups, and community organizations were inspired to and coordinated in defense of affirmative action, I conducted a series of interviews with key organizers over the past couple of weeks.  They share their entry points into this work, insights, setbacks, and successes that hopefully fuel forward the momentum behind greater goals of increased inclusion, diversity, and equity in elite private institutions.  I hope these small insights on the history of  that this can serve as a beginning of an archive for documenting how these groups have been organizing for Affirmative Action and committing themselves to the cause in concerted ways.  Hopefully newcomers to the issue can take this post as a starting point to dive into the question of Affirmative Action  and discussions on college access more broadly.

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