Research & Experimentation with VR for Education

We are a group independent study project (GISP) at Brown University researching and experimenting with virtual reality technology as an innovative medium to create engaging educational experiences.  In addition to publishing literature reviews, point-of-view pieces, and app reviews, we are also applying what we learn to the production of an educational VR work on the Revolutionary-era Gaspee Affair.

Virtual reality is a rapidly growing transformative technology. Early examples of VR educational experiences clearly deliver student engagement, but the extent to which they are effective as learning environments is unknown. In the related field of digital games there is considerable scholarship suggesting that well-designed games can effectively meet teaching goals.

VR - Brown

As part of the project, we are reviewing existing educational applications—both educational games and VR—to understand best practices and pitfalls. We’ll apply our learnings in the development of a virtual reality history project.

Our project fills the gap between educational games and VR; we know educational games can work, so how can we multiply their effects with VR?  We hope that our exploration, research, and production will help shape the VR for education field.

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