Gaspee GISP Grateful to Google

Errol Danehy ’18

Google Jump Shoot at Gaspee Point

The VR teams at Google have been very supportive of the work Adam Blumenthal is doing as Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence at Brown, and the relationship has benefited many across campus. Google has loaned Brown a coveted stereoscopic 360-degree camera syste,, called the Jump rig, used to capture immersive audio-visual experiences. We’re making extensive use of the Jump rig in our Gaspee production.

What is the Jump system?

Gaspee Shoot at Buckman Tavern, Lexington, Massachusetts

The camera rig is comprised of 16 synchronized GoPro Hero4 Black cameras with a Zoom H2n 4-channel microphone. The rig allows us to create 360° stereoscopic video footage in resolutions as high as 8K. After a shoot, the cameras’ sixteen micro-SD cards are loaded into an SD card rack, and Google’s Jump Manager software and assembling software manage the magic of stitching 16 separate video sources into one hi-res spherical video.

How are we using the Jump system?

In our telling of the story of the attack on the British naval vessel, Gaspee, in 1772, we’re re-creating several scenes that played a part in the story. We’re taking the Jump Rig to historic taverns, colonial courthouses, residences, and outdoor environments – sometimes with historic re-enactors.  After some post-production, the footage captured by the rig puts the viewer in the center of 360-degrees of action.