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Gaspee VR is an educational virtual reality module about the 1772 “Gaspee Affair,” an uprising by Rhode Island Colonists against the British naval vessel, Gaspee – what the English considered the first act of war against the empire leading up to the Revolution.

After the attack, plundering, and burning of His Majesty’s ship, King George III offered a huge bounty for the 80-100 Rhode Island raiders (500-1000 pounds per man), and he ordered that the accused Rhode Islanders would be put on ships for trials in London. Despite the huge bounty, no one in Rhode Island turned anybody in, and no Colonist was ever tried for the attack. But the order to send the accused to London for trial proved to be a significant event in uniting all the colonies. Appalled by the violation of the ancient rights of the accused to be tried by peers, Rhode Island leaders wrote to Sam Adams in Boston to make the Boston leaders aware. Adams corresponded with Virginia, and shortly all the colonial leaders were connected by way of an 18th century social network – The Committee of Correspondence. Eventually they decided they had enough to discuss that they should meet in person, and the First Continental Congress was formed in Philadelphia.

The VR module will allow students to step back in time, to experience these events that led to Revolution from the perspective of participants in the story. Using a variety of VR content creation techniques, include Google’s Jump VR Camera Rig, Gaspee VR is a revolution in education.

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