App Review: Realities, Photogrammetry in VR

Adam Hersko-RonaTas ’18

Using photogrammetry, Realities captures several historical spaces around the world and allows users to teleport around in them freely and at room-scale.  The experience is designed for the HTC Vive and Oculus, and the detail transcends what you get with a 360 degree video.  With Realities, users can walk around a true-to-life model of an actual environment, gaining new perspectives and investigating details up close.

The experience is perhaps the most photo-realistic and immersive VR application I’ve tried. From cathedrals to abandoned schools, the detail is awe-inspiring. It is one notch above 360-video in that it captures the space in its entirety and allows the user to move about with parallax and scale maintained.  While 360 videos restrict the perceptual gaze of a user to a single, rotational vantage point, Realities offers full freedom to explore.