Adam Blumenthal
[email protected]
Professor of the Practice of Computer Science &
Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence

Brown University
Co-Sponsor and Instructor
Ugur Cetintemel
Professor and Chair
Computer Science,
Brown University
Faculty Sponsor

Jarod Boone ’20
Computer Engineering
Easton, MA

Arturo Bory ’17
Modern Culture and Media
Miami, FL

Jack Brook ’19
History and Political Science
Palo Alto, CA

Errol Danehy ’18
Modern Culture and Media
East Providence, RI

Quinn English ’18
Milwaukee, WI

Adam Hersko-RonaTas ’18
Cognitive Neuroscience
San Diego, CA

Zev Izenberg ’20
Computer Science and Visual Art
Columbia, MD

Stacy Birdsell, Academics

Maverick Kuhn ’20
Physics and Philosophy
Sacramento, CA

Yong Hyun Kwong ’18
Computer Science
Seoul, Korea

Trushitha Narla ’18
Computer Science
Chicago, IL

Willem Helmet Pickleman ’18
Modern Culture and Media and History of Architecture
Chicago, IL

Hannah Seckendorf ’20
Cognitive Science
New York City, NY

Tola Sylvan ’17
Cognitive Science
Concord, MA

Ashley Washington ’17
Macon, GA