Getting Started

This article covers some common first steps for creating a blog using Brown Blogs.

Request a blog

Request a course blog from

Request a personal or group blog

Upon approval, login to manage your blog

Replace default content with your first page or post.

WordPress is pretty user friendly for publishing your blog content.

Choose a different theme

From your blog’s dashboard, you will have the ability to choose from a variety of themes.

Add users

You can add users in the “EPPN format.” An EPPN looks like an email address and in some cases may be, but at Brown they are not. The format is For example, Josiah Carberry’s EPPN is If you add a user with just the username and not the EPPN, the user will not be able to access your blog.

To actually add the user, log in to your blog’s dashboard, click on the Users menu and add the EPPN and email address of the user.

Enable any plugins that you want to use

You may want to extend the functionality of WordPress and can do so by using a variety of plugins that are installed on Brown Blogs.