Getting Started

This article covers some common first steps for creating a blog using Brown Blogs.

Request a blog

Request a course blog from

If you need a non-course blog for faculty, research, labs, conferences, etc; is the fully supported option.  

If you need a personal blog, we recommend using Google Sites or 

Replace default content with your first page or post.

WordPress is pretty user friendly for publishing your blog content.

Choose a different theme

From your blog’s dashboard, you will have the ability to choose from a variety of themes.

Can I edit my author name in my blog?

By default, your WordPress blog can use several variations of your name, as it is listed in Brown’s directory. You can override these limitations and have full control of your author name by activating the Smart Custom Display Name plugin in your Dashboard. This plugin should be used to customize an author’s name on an individual blog. It does not provide author anonymity.