Thursday, March 16, 2017


5:00 pm        Wine & Cheese Reception and Bibliographical Display


6:00 pm        Opening Roundtable


                          Neil Safier


                          Biographical Introduction
                          Bertrand van Ruymbeke


                          Bibliographical Introduction
                          Iris de Rode


                          Chinard and the Founding Fathers
                          François Furstenberg


                          When America Spoke French: Huguenots and French Migrations to the Americas
                           Neil Kamil


                          Chinard, Exoticism, and the Literary Imagination
                          Ourida Mostefai


                          Chinard and the Doctrine of Americanism
                          Neil Safier


Dinner with invited participants to follow


Friday, March 17, 2017


9:30 am
American Exoticism
Opening Presentations by François Furstenberg and Maurizio Valsania
Session Chair: Ourida Mostefai




Founding Fathers (Jefferson, Franklin, Adams)
Opening Presentations by Neil Safier and Neil Kamil
Session Chair: Herb Sloan


12:15 pm       Lunch with invited participants


2:00 pm
Chinard’s American University Experiences
Opening Presentations by Benjamin Bernard and Iris de Rode
Session Chair: David Bell




Franco-American Relations and the History of the United States in France
Opening Presentations by Bertrand van Ruymbeke and Herb Sloan
Session Chair: Owen Stanwood


5:00 pm       Wine & Cheese Reception


5:30 pm        Keynote Lecture

George Washington and the Two Corsicans: The Construction of Charisma in the Age of Revolutions
David Bell


Dinner with invited participants to follow


Saturday, March 18


10:00 am      Informal Discussion