What we choose to preserve often tells us more about what we value in the present than it does about our past.  That’s why conversations about what to preserve and what to demolish — what to archive and what to throw out — are so fierce.  We can’t save everything, can we? So what shall we save? Who gets to make these decisions? How does this effect you, your family, your community, your neighborhood, your city, your state, your country and our world?

Hacking Heritage is a participant-led unconference where attendees can propose session discussions on any topic related to preservation, history and heritage.  This year, Hacking Heritage is partnering with Year of the City: The Providence Project, a year-long series of public programs that explore the life, culture and history of Providence’s twenty-five neighborhoods, so we encourage session discussions related to Providence’s past, present and future, but propose a discussion about a topic that interests you whether it’s related to Providence or not.  And think outside of the box: sessions don’t need to follow any format.  They can be discussions, but they can also be a space for collaboration on a new project with new partners, or a community art-making workshop.  It’s a great format for all kinds of participation, and you don’t have to propose anything to come.

Never been to an unconference? Read our FAQ page to learn about the unconference model.  Join us – it will be fun.

Questions? Email Marisa Brown: marisa_brown@brown.edu

Old-timey postcard at top courtesy of the Providence Public Library Digital Collections.