Hacking Heritage took place on March 7, 2020.  This website will remain up until Hacking Heritage 2021 for those who would like to get information about the event, or take a look at the range of session proposals that ran in 2020.  It was a wonderful gathering, with 61 passionate and energetic participants!

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Hacking Heritage is a participant-led unconference that is open to anyone with an interest in exploring questions about community history, heritage and preservation together.

This year, Hacking Heritage is moving off of Brown’s campus into Silver Lake.  We encourage session discussions related to Silver Lake’s past, present and future — but propose a discussion about a topic that interests you whether it’s related to Silver Lake or not.  And think outside of the box: sessions don’t need to follow any format.  They can be discussions, but they can also be a space for collaboration on a new project with new partners, a community art-making workshop, or a group walk.  It’s a great format for all kinds of participation, and you don’t have to propose anything to come.

If you’ve never been to Hacking Heritage, check out the 2020 Session Proposals page to get a sense of what others are proposing — and check out the About page to get a sense of the range of sessions that have been held in the past.

¿Hablas español? Los participantes pueden proponer sesiones en español. Algunas sesiones también pueden tener traductores voluntarios.

Never been to an unconference? Read our FAQ page to learn about the unconference model.  Join us – it will be fun.

Questions? Email Marisa Brown: [email protected]

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