Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in your body? This is why it is so crucial to maintain healthy levels of collagen in one’s body. A depletion of collagen can lead to the deterioration of bones and ligaments, and correlates with numerous other health problems in humans. 

As humans get older, if you are a smoker, or expose your body to excess amounts of UV light, your ability to produce collagen may diminish. These are just a few reasons why people may choose to take collagen supplements (Medical News Today). For example, as a water polo player from California, I have been exposed to excess amounts of sunlight during countless practices and games. Many of my teammates have recommended that I start taking collagen supplements to preemptively reduce signs of aging on my skin – many of them already take collagen supplements and swear by them! To better understand aging skin, as collagen production reduces, the connectivity and elasticity of the skin diminishes. Due to this lack of support from once strong, springy collagen molecules, one may begin to see wrinkles forming across the skin. This same process of decreased collagen production is what leads to deterioration in joints throughout the body, as collagen is also crucial to muscle, bone, and ligament health. 

While many people negatively associate the word collagen with botox and fillers, there are less invasive, less stigmatized options out there that are more safe and easy to use to revitalize one’s body, like collagen supplements! One of the most common uses for taking collagen supplements is skin revitalization. However, be wary of any lotions or creams that claim to contain collagen – the collagen molecules are actually too large to be absorbed through the skin. Instead, consider ingestible collagen supplements.

If you are unsure what type of collagen supplement might be right for your unique needs, take a moment to learn about the different collagen types and how they function in the body. In addition, many of the best known faces in Hollywood, such as Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga, swear by collagen drinks to help boost skin vitality and youth. 

For all of my vegan, vegetarian, and dietary constraint friends out there – certain collagen supplements might not be right for you, as many are derived from animal products. For example, the most common derivations of collagen include bovine, poultry, fish, and eggshells. Just check the ingredients and the source of collagen listed before you purchase!

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