Political Pins

Although most of the collection is printed material the collection also contains many other types of ephemera. Highlighted here are political pins from the Students for a Democratic Society and the DuBois Club. The pins come from the 1960s.

Students for a Democratic Society was founded in Michigan and then later headquartered in New York and Chicago. SDS was founded and dissolved in the 1960s (a new incarnation of the organization was founded again in 2006) but had a very strong and active following during its existence. The socialist organization focused on activism, student rights and democratic involvement, is probably best known for its manifesto, The Port Huron Statement.

Students for a Democratic Society "A Free University in a Free Society"


Students for a Democratic Society

The Dubois Club was a short lived youth organization (1964-1970) sponsored by the Communist Party USA and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, which focused on freedom of speech and anti-military activism. The organization was named after W.E.B. DuBois, who was one of the foremost Civil Rights Activist of the early 20th Century, an original member of the NAACP and among many other things became a communist later in life.

DuBois Clubs "Peace Jobs Freedom"

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