DH: The Next Generation Recap

The DH: The Next Generation conference was a success! I was able to introduce the Hall Hoag project to many people working in digital humanities and I learned a lot about other projects. In particular the work of Jean Bauer (Brown Staff) and  Jia Zhang (MIT) in mapping and visualizing networks could provide a framework to build upon the data we are collecting for the Hall-Hoag Collection. In the next few days there should be podcasts available to listen to the conference. I will post a link here when they are available.

Jia Zhang’s work involved mapping the members of the Royal Academy and how members were recommended to the society. Check out the mapping she has done here: http://dataminding.org/Network8/index.html

Jean Bauer created a social network for Early American Foreign Service. Check out her database here: http://www.eafsd.org/

DH: The Next Generation March 16, 2013