The Realist

The Realist was a magazine of “social-political-religious criticism and satire” published and edited by Paul Krassner from 1958-2001 with 146 editions.  The Realist was a byproduct and helped influence the counter culture press of the 20th century.[1] It included writing from Norman Mailer, Ken Kesey and Joseph Heller as well controversial figures like George Lincoln Rockwell (who has an editorial in the edition shown below).  By the time publication ended The Realist was circulated to between 5000-7000 people and in its heyday could be bought at newsstands.[2] The Realist was known for being one of the first magazines to publish conspiracy theories and wrote about the Watergate scandal prior to the mainstream press. Krasner was a cofounder of the Yippies—counterculture political party known for their theatrical demonstrations outside of the 1968 Democratic Convention.[3] The Hall Hoag collection only contains about 12 issues of the Realist.

The entire Realist archive, including the issue below is available online:

The Realist No. 39 (1962)


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