Hall-Hoag Part I Data Analysis

After attending the DH: The next Generation conference a few weeks back I decided to pull together some data from the Hall Hoag Collection Part I. We have a list of each organization in Part I and how many folders we have for each of those organizations and I decided to organize that data by the organization category (The categories were chosen by Gordon Hall, there are 99 of them). What I found was very interesting. For example, Christian Religious Right groups is by far the largest group in Part I with 643 organizations 2995 folders of material. This is even more surprising given that both Christian Identity (111 organizations, 311 folders)  and Catholic Traditionalism (122 organizations, 336 folders) groups are separated from the larger group of Christian Religious Right groups in Hall Hoag Part I.  The next largest type of organization is Single Issue Focus Left organizations with 375 organizations and 1008 folders. The size of that group shows the nature of many extremist groups in that there are many organizations and many of them have a very specific focus. The entire list is included below. It is a bit hard to read, but if you click the image it will enlarge, or you can download a PDF version of the list here: Hall Hoag Part I Data Analysis.


Hall Hoag Part 1 Organizations/Subjects