Hall Hoag Summer Work

Today marks the beginning of the summer work for the Hall Hoag project. In two weeks we will begin our work at the Library Annex building but for now we are going to be doing research the organizations in the collection. We should be able to get through 1000-1200 organizations in this time. We will be finding the following information on each organization:

  • Organization Authority – we will be using VIAF to find authoritative versions of the organization names.
  • Organization Authority ID
  • Location City
  • Location State
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Organization Historty URL
  • Member Names
  • Member Name VIAF
  • Member Position
  • Member Start Date
  • Member End Date
  • Related Collection Location
  • Related Collection Title
  • Related Collection URL

Since we will have the help of 8 students this summer I am having them look up each organization the old fashioned way (Google) and fill in as much as they can find. All of the data they find will be imported into our database and will be added to the EAC-CPF records for the organizations.