Brain-Washing (Lord’s Covenant Church)

This weeks item is a pamphlet written by Lt. Col. Gordon Mohr called Brain-Washing: A Synthnesis of a Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics from 1982. The “textbook spells out methods which secret communists use to ‘alter the loyalties’ of American citizens and then use those citizens to, especially those in government positions, to take control of the nation.”[1] Lt. Col. Mohr was a former John Birtch Society member who later went on to found the “Crusade for Christ and Country” and the “Christian Patriots Defense League.[2] Mohr participated in WWII and the Korean War in which he was held as a prisoner of war.[3]  Mohr was a proponent of Christian Identity, “which teaches that many white Europeans are the literal descendants of the Israelites.”[4] This pamphlet was published by the Lord’s Covenant Church out of Phoenix, Arizona. This was a Christian Identity Church run by Sheldon Emry.

Brain-Washing (1982)

Brain-Washing (1982)


To get a better understand of Lt. Col. Mohr’s beliefs listen to this speech:

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