S.O.S.!!!, U.S.A., Ship of State was a publication created by Jozef Mlot-Mroz, a Polish immigrant to the United States. Based out of Salem, Massachusetts, Mlot-Mroz was a very active anti-communist and anti-Semetic extremist. Mlot-Mroz activism was mostly based around the concept that communism was created by Jews to destroy Christianity. Mlot-Mroz was often seen at protests in and around the Boston area[1] and was known for his provocative slogans like “Fight and Destroy Jewish Zionist Conspiracy Today” or burning Israeli flags.[2]  Mlot-Mroz was also heavily involved in other groups such as  The Anti-Communist Confederation of Polish Freedom Fighters in United States of America and The New England Captive Nations Committee.[3]

S.O.S.!!! (March 1969)

S.O.S.!!! (March 1969)

S.O.S.!!!  Inside (March 1969)

S.O.S.!!! Inside (March 1969)

S.O.S.!!!  Back Cover (March 1969)

S.O.S.!!! Back Cover (March 1969)

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