Cat Lovers Against the Bomb

To begin my tenure as the Hall-Hoag Project Archivist, this week’s blog post will be starting off with a “bang,” highlighting “Cat Lovers Against the Bomb.” The name itself represents a faction of the group “Nebraskans for Peace,” which was founded in 1970 as opposition to the Vietnam War.[1] The organization can be better described with a small snippet pulled from some correspondence:

“Even though we are a relatively small group, we have persistence! We have been around since the Vietnam War and are one of the few “peace” groups who has not gone by the wayside and given up. Our newspaper, quite often referred to by other newspapers as the alternative press, is considered to be one of the finest type extolling peace with justice issues.” – Correspondence, March 21, 20000261_001

Cat Lovers Against the Bomb, or CLAB as they refer to themselves, is described as “an informal network of cat-loving peace activists and their companions”.[2] To date, they have distributed 32 calendars aimed to unite those of like mind – – cat lovers and peace lovers. The below newsletter highlights information about the 2000 calendar, as well as comments from fan mail, other items available for purchase, and the chance for your cat to be featured in the 2001 CLAB calendar.