Clinton for President Committee

With the 2016 Presidential race really beginning to gain speed, I thought it might be fun to visit another Clinton who once upon a time ran for the title of our Commander-in-Chief: Bill Clinton, husband of current Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Former President Bill Clinton first ran for office in 1992, going up against then President George H. W. Bush (in an ironic twist, Bush’s son Jeb Bush is running as a GOP candidate). The Hall-Hoag collection contains some items from Bill Clinton’s 1992 fundraising campaign. What I found most interesting about the items from former President Clinton were the glaring similarities to political campaigns today – the abundance of mail items that encouraged the recipient to vote for the candidate, and the many ways he will bring “change” to the United States.





The above pages are excerpts from a 7 page document found in the collection. And, as his postscript clearly shows, dual-party disdain was just as prominent 25 years ago as it is today. Bill Clinton, like many current candidates, implores his supporters to commit to him and his campaign with a monetary donation. And, also like many candidates today, he entices support and giving with something in return. In this case, a lapel pin (of which the collection unfortunately does not have).0494_001