Scales of Seeing

I did not expect to see a dream-like quality to my recipe. The images seen under the microscope were moody, dreamy and have a very different feel to the sample.The sample looked medical. Like a swab was taken to be tested for something. The microscope definitely changed that.  Especially with the black background and dark blue hues that came out.
It was interserting to transform some of the qualities and play around with scale. Deception of an image almost. How big/ small is my material?
Same images but when flipped around look like clouds in the sky. They really give a sense of a vast space and continuation. Even with a simple play on literal scale. From medium to large.
I always knew that our bodies are miraculous but also limited. Going Mirco definitely allowed my material to show its depth and detail. It still looked fleshy and shiny which is great that some of these elements were still there.
It also made me think about what other tools can i use to manipulate a small sample size? How much inward can i go with my work? is DNA and stem cells next? What else can i micro my body?
Lighting as well was an unexpected element that really manipulated the image. This i tried with the sleeping pills. Same image, different lighting.

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