Digital Recipe

My research question for this course is the following:

How can I culture human embryonic stem cells and grow my own skin outside of my body?

The strict regulations around human tissue engineering leads me to thinking about the Visible vs. the Invisible skin.

I looked again at the recipes to see if i can find anything related to being invisible or not seen and i found this rather funny recipe for invisibility in Ashmole 1435-

Si vis esse inuisibile: accipe vnum canem mortuum et sepilles eum et plantes super eum fabus et vnam in ore tuo et sine dubio eris inuisibile

which translates to:

If you wish to be invisible: take a dead dog and bury it and plant a bean plant over it and place one in your mouth and without a doubt you will be invisible.

This made me question, How can i re-translate this ridiculous recipes?

My long term goal is to work at Brown’s Bio Lab and see how feasible it is to culture my own skin and how far can i take this. Due to the limited time frame, this project may take longer than the duration of this course but it is something i still want to pursue for my own studio practice.

My short term goal is to use the impossibility of this recipe as a strong point and use it to re-enact the invisibility as a performance. Looking at the role of the digital body in my own work, this makes me think of a digital book reenactment – Rewriting language, duration, imagery and iconography.

Currently i am in the middle of story boarding this short story and looking at different contemporary characters that could be cast as the main leads..

More soon..

Please follow my collaborative thesis account @risdglassfml as the work will be within the same spirit..

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