Winter Break Around the World

We asked our international students about the wonders that await them elsewhere over winter break and below are some of our favorite responses.  Click the maps to read on.

For many the term “winter break” evokes images of snowy days, blazing fires, and hot chocolate; for many others, winter break means heading to a homeland where you can sit under the hot sun and swim in the ocean in December. For others still, winter break will include extraordinary adventures in service and travel.

Wherever winter break takes you this year, we hope it is peaceful and happy. We look forward to sharing more stories with you in 2015.

When I go home.. I can’t wait to…


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 Do you have any special plans or adventures that you want to share?

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 The thing I will miss most about Brown is…

what will you miss

What I like about staying in Providence over break is…

…having absolutely nothing to do and relax while not feeling guilty because, let’s face it, if you’re physically staying in Providence, you’re still at Brown… –Asya from Turkey/Italy

…the Main Green and the Quiet Green become winter wonderland, especially in the evening when the (electric) candle lights in the University Hall’s windows are lit. I’m hoping to get a lot of dissertation work done this winter break while I don’t have to deal with a pile of academic commitments. –Satrio from Indonesia

…watching movies. –Wenchi from Taiwan

…the winter session at RISD! –Elaine from China

…friends and the feeling of staying on Campus but with no assignments or exams! –Lingyi from China

…taking part in some activities and visiting my friends –Mengdi from China

…getting some rest. –Soyoung from South Korea

…being able to do own research. During the winter break, campus is so quite that there is nothing to distract me to study. I can read a lot of books in my dorm or library where there are only few people unlike before finals. I will also do a field work. It is hard to do it during the semester because we have a lot to do. –Takaya from Japan

…I’m actually coming early this year, by the second week of January. I have never been in Providence during the winter break, but I always look forward to the peace and quiet that descends on campus after break starts. –Acey from France

…when you stay in Providence over break, you really get to see a different side of Providence. During the school year, not many of us get the chance to get off the hill and explore many cool places and sites in Providence. During the break, you will have a chance to see Providence in a different light if you take the initiative. –Saron from Ethiopia

I never stayed in Providence for the break, but I assume that it’s best to study and stay focused. –Jonathan from France

The spirit of the season…

…I went to Vietnam when I was 12 years old and visited the war museum in Ho Chi Minh City, also called Saigon. This event changed my life and makes me enjoy life every minute while I keep smiling knowing that some people don’t have the same chance to do so. –Jonathan from France