Global Perspectives: The 2015 Language Festival

Brown University’s Center for Language Studies held its first annual Language Festival on September 9th, 2015 and the IWB was very proud to participate in the festivities.  At the festival, we invited the Brown University community to tag a world map with places they call home, dream destinations, and languages they love.

Click on the map below to read some of the heartfelt commentary about what makes a place a home. Scroll further down to explore the languages and destinations people are dreaming of.

Where would you tag the map?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

A place I call home…

a place I call home

[ click on the map, or this link, to see!]


A language I love is…

a language I love_

My dream destination is…

my dream destination is_ 5
My dream destination is
my dream destination is_ 3
my drean destination is_ 2my dream destination is_ 6


Visuals & Graphics by Olivia Mansion, MA ’16