Winter Break Around the World, Part II: 2015

We asked the IWB Editorial team about the wonders that await them over winter break.


Samantha: I will be visiting my grandfather and other relatives in California. I will also be spending some time at home in NYC.

Devika: First in the cold, wintry depths of Rochester, New York, and then home in Nagpur, India where 5 degrees Celsius constitutes a “terrible” winter. Needless to say, I am immensely looking forward to the sweater-free latter half of my break.

He Ri: I’m going back to my home, South Korea. I actually try not to go back to Korea if it is possible, because I cannot handle the cold weather there; instead, I go to someplace in Europe. For example, I spent my entire winter break in Italy (though it wasn’t very successful in terms of avoiding a cold winter.) Yet, this time, I must go back to do some research for one of the classes I’m taking next semester.

Sakura: Japan (Tokyo and Okinawa).

Bonny: Ann Arbor, Michigan. (But possibly somewhere warmer depending on the exuberant whims of my parents).

An: Japan & Korea & New York.

Waleed: I am going back to Pakistan! I am going to Lahore where I was born and have lived all my life.

IWB Team Winter Break USIWB Team Winter Break International

most excited

Samantha: I am excited to meet up with people whom I haven’t seen in a long time. We often talk about travel from place to place, but not about the journey from past to present. I am curious to see how others change over time, and to learn from them about how I myself have changed.

Devika: Warmth. Home-cooked food. My family. Being able to do nothing without deadlines looming over me. And a three-week break from having to constantly talk in English…

He Ri: It has been two years since I went back to face the freezing cold winter of Korea. It also means that after two years, I will finally celebrate both Christmas and the New Year with my family in my hometown. I am also excited to see tons of snow! Yes, it snows a lot in Korea over the winter.

Sakura: Eating good food and shopping in Tokyo with family.

Bonny: Spending time with my beloved family.

An: Traveling with friends, exploring new places, and having a nice rest.

Waleed: My sister is getting married and I am super excited about that! I have to go prepare dances for the wedding. Most Pakistani weddings have prepared dances, and me and my friends are going to prepare a dance together!

Proudest Moments

Samantha: I am proud of how much I am learning. I am exploring interests that I never took the time to pursue until now – things like oil painting and psychological research. I am taking chances, and that is what college is about.

Devika: My summer on the West Coast! Until this summer, I’d only been to a few places in the U.S., and with the exception of Austin, Texas, they were all on the East Coast. But this summer, I interned and lived by myself for two and a half months in L.A. and also travelled to Seattle and San Francisco. I got to experience West Coast culture, which, to my surprise, was really distinctive and different from what I’d gotten used to on the East Coast. Living and traveling by myself (and taking buses for hours) in a part of the country I’d never been to before was a wonderful and self-affirming experience. I have much more faith in my independence now! And, on a different note, I am also incredibly proud of the International Writers’ Blog! Pardon the #humblebrag, but it’s been wonderful seeing it start from scratch and grow into into the thriving platform that it’s become this year. It really has been a privilege to read and share the diverse, insightful stories of the Brown community and participate in the conversations they have ignited.

He Ri: The fact that I survived the first half of senior year. Thank God…

Sakura: Being strong in the face of unexpected and tough challenges.

Bonny: Understanding that there are people who support me.

An: Giving my parents a tour of Brown.

Waleed: Being an MPC, I think I have learned a lot about being socially conscious, and I wish to continue that in 2016 and beyond!

Special Hope

Samantha: My special hope for 2016 is to travel more and make unexpected friendships.

Devika: An opportunity to challenge myself in new ways in the coming summer. To do something I love, and also, hopefully, get paid (in $$$) for it! Oh, and also, get better at time management. That’d really help…

He Ri: I want all my family, friends, and many others around me to stay healthy and happy throughout the year. I also want to get a solid answer from myself on what I am going to do after a graduation, which is pretty near in the future. I hope I can find what I truly want to do in the future before I get done with my last semester in Brown.

Sakura: I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. However, if I had to make a wish, it would be this: to show my friends and family the immense gratitude I have for having them be a significant part of my life, and to support them as much as they have supported me.

Bonny: I hope to be able to have a bigger positive impact on the people around me!

An: For the year of 2016, I hope for good health, happiness, passion, curiosity, and an internship.

Waleed: My hope is to truly find myself and figure out what my beliefs are on some issues. I am hoping to travel a lot in 2016, and I really want that wish to come true!

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