Haiku for Spring

Haiku by Mei Araki ’19. Photos by Victor Alvarez ’19.

Oh winter, where art thou?
Frisbee sessions on the grass,
Waiting for the snow.

Brown University-VA-160418-5135

Ah, a frosty Main “Green”,
Walking through the fluffy roads,
Sights not seen back home.


Now I thank, my wise
decision of buying boots
Over Christmas break.

Pajar Boots-VA-160425-5522

“Your favorite!” it
says, from my loved ones back home
On Valentine’s Day.

Receiving a Gift-VA-160426-5657

For some it is a
Beginning of a new month,
For some a new year.

Chinese New Year-VA-160429-6889

I look up to a
sign of spring on a branch, what
cheerful shade of pink.

New York Spring Break-VA-160330-3556

Spring is in the air,
Bringing back memories of
Those plum trees miles away.

New York Spring Break-VA-160330-3566

Melted snow, slushy
paths, making way for skateboards
to rush off to class.

Brown University-VA-160418-5338 (1)