By Bhavani Khemka ’19. Art by Natcha Sophonpanich ’20.

photographs fell to the floor
Scattering the dust
of memories past,
I dropped to my knees,
Picked up
the glossy
pieces of paper,
And upon further inspection
I was looking
at myself:
She was

So I scroll
through the photos
on my iPhone,
Up, up,
and deep into a rabbit hole
I go
One I’ve revisited
many times
And I see my face
I see my skin
The eyes
The lips
The nose
The chin

And I just can’t seem
to figure her out,
I know she is me,
But I can’t put my
face to hers

A photograph tells a
And can also define a
Yet in attempts to
bring her to life
I seem to be failing,
Because I just can’t
seem to place her,
When she’s not on
glossy paper