By Stina Trollback ’22. Art by Laila Rodenbeck ’22.

It’s arbitrary, but there are 195
I can tell you how to get to them
     (Jag kan förklara hur man åker till dem)

Either walk or ride a tractor

Say, Alright, let’s go
And drive the tractor until
            Say Uncle
Quit whenever, när som helst

       Rosa ögon, ansiktsfärg
Pink eyes, face color
       (Is som sjukdom)
Chills like their own sickness

If walking, don’t jog, just walk
It’ll be a five-page dream crammed into one

Start jogging 

Quickly slipping through
Deserted deserts move faster
      Sväng vänster, flytta fortare
Through facial planes like sand dunes
Soft under lip