The International Writers’ Blog (IWB) is a platform for members of the Brown community to create, share, and engage with stories relating to identity, language, race, culture, belonging, cross-cultural understanding, and more. Writing is a powerful form of communication, yet the blog is also enhanced by student art, film, and poetry. The IWB promotes both the culture of writing at Brown and the development of bridges that connect diverse populations. We start conversations. We welcome a diverse range of writers. International and domestic students, faculty, staff, and alumni are all encouraged to write for the IWB. Our belief is that everyone has something important to share and we’re proud to support this process. Welcome to the International Writers’ Blog and thanks for being a part of the conversation. – The IWB Team

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  1. mikhail
    mikhail / 10-30-2014 / ·


  2. Bruce
    Bruce / 10-31-2014 / ·

    What a great idea – will follow with great interest!

  3. Bob
    Bob / 11-4-2014 / ·

    It’s a great blog! Will definitely follow this!

  4. Astrid
    Astrid / 12-30-2014 / ·

    This is really great, especially for international applicants 🙂

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  8. lisha
    lisha / 6-20-2015 / ·

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    Valdelino lourenço / 2-12-2016 / ·

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  13. Auderulca Ashmarah
    Auderulca Ashmarah / 10-16-2019 / ·

    This is really great that I may now find a place where I can start addressing matters in societies that oppose changes and make a call to changes by writing. I am really thrilled and I feel that my American dream is starting through.

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