2009 TWTA Winner: Ken Miller, John Stein, Jody Hall

Online Course Design 2009

Instructors: Profs. Ken Miller, Jon Stein, and Jody Hall
Course: BIOL 0200: The Foundation of Living Systems

Description: A broad overview of biological systems that emphasized patterns and processes that form the basis of life. Explored essentials of biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, and their relationship to the larger issues of ecology, evolution, and development. Examined current research trends in biology and their influence on culture.

A case study with Prof. Ken Miller

What students said about the course: [The instructors] made everything available at your fingertips. All my wildest technology dreams came true.

Prof. Miller’s comments:

The MyCourses website served as the central organizing point for this large (350 students) course, enabling instructors to communicate with students on a daily basis, despite class size.