2011 TWTA Winner: Casey Dunn

Use of Multimedia Award 2011

Instructor: Prof. Casey Dunn
Course: BIOL0410 Invertebrate Zoology

Invertebrate Zoology’ aimed to teach students about the ‘diversity in the animal world’, focusing on invertebrate animals and their behavior,  morphology, physiology, reproduction, and development. Topics covered in the course ranged from evolution to ‘animal’ perspective.

What students said about the course:
“Technology was used in this class to illustrate an important message that often gets lost among scientists and science concentrators at Brown; science is for EVERYONE.
You don’t need to know technical jargon or have taken BIOL0200, for example, to enjoy a fascinating story about how a nautilus swims, or how tardigrades can survive in outer space. And by making science more accessible through these animations, we can encourage more people to develop interests in the sciences.”

Teaching with Technology Reviewers’ comments:
“Professor Dunn’s ‘CreatureCast’ animations were a transformative experience for many of his students, illustrating that ‘Science is for EVERYONE’. Through these
experiences students were inspired to express their passion for the class material and take ownership of creating an original product for a public audience, providing an
invaluable lesson in science communication. The course archives, which include current and past student work, are videos shared via a public blog called creaturecast.org which has received national recognition at other universities and int the media (NPR and PBS).”

“Student nominations convey a great deal of respect and admiration for the professor, as well as appreciation for the work he asked them to do.”