Academic Technology Showcase

AT Showcase

The Academic Technology Showcase celebrates instructors at Brown University who have used technology to enhance student learning outcomes. The showcase will consist of a few faculty presentations as well as a reception to recognize the 2011 Teaching with Technology Award winners.

What is Academic Technology?

Computing & Information Services Academic Technology: Supporting Faculty Innovations Through Technology

Academic Technology works in partnership with the University community to enhance teaching and learning through the effective use of technology. We deliver creative, responsive solutions to pedagogical and strategic needs in support of faculty, staff and students. Academic Technology bridges discipline-specific objectives and innovative technology-based solutions, while respecting and supporting diverse teaching needs.

September 28, 2012

ETC 201 (CIT, 115 Waterman St)
Tentative schedule:
  • 12:00-12:45 Faculty Lunch (please RSVP)
  • Canvas in ETC 201, Multimedia, Kinect, other AT Related Tech in ETC 205, 207, 209
  • 1:00-3:30 Teaching with Technology Award Presenters (introductions by Catherine Zabriskie)
    • 1:00 Thomas Serre (CLPS1520) Computational Vision – Course Design
      Student nomination quote: “The use of MATLAB was critical to this course – although Professor Serre was a very clear and competent lecturer, nothing beats learning by doing. … It’s one thing to learn about how skin detection can be carried out, but quite another to create a program capable of such behavior from scratch.  Thomas was always available to help students with less computer science background, and through his efforts I felt that the entire class came away from the course with valuable and first-hand knowledge of visual modeling systems.”
    • 1:45 Casey Dunn (BIOL0410) – Invertebrate Zoology – Multimedia
      Student nomination quote: “Technology was used in this class to illustrate an important message that often gets lost among scientists and science concentrators at Brown; science is for EVERYONE. You don’t need to know technical jargon or have taken BIOL0200, for example, to enjoy a fascinating story about how a nautilus swims, or how tardigrades can survive in outer space. And by making science more accessible through these animations, we can encourage more people to develop interests in the sciences.”
    • 2:30 Richard Bungiro (BIOL0530) – Principles of Immunology – Showcase Award
      Student nomination quote: “Dr. Bungiro took a very creative approach in his audio and visual displays. He used Photoshop to bring humor into an otherwise dry subject; he used his creativity to help us enjoy learning.“ 
    • 3:15 Madhumita Lahiri (ENGL1761W) – Modern South Asia: Literature and Theory – Communication & Collaboration
      Student nomination quote
      : “The most innovative facet of the digital platform was the interaction with other students in the class. My responses to other students comments, who either gleaned a different reading of a passage than I did, or else did the intellectual legwork to form connections, gave me both room to reflect on my hermeneutic schema and presuppositions, as well as the time to really think through comments that I would not have had the opportunity to digest in the faster paced discussion format of class.”
  • 3:45-5:00 – Wine and Cheese Reception (remarks by Catherine Zabriskie)
  • 4:00 Meera Viswanathan (COLT) – Teaching with iPads – Exemplary AT Project